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14 November 2009 @ 10:39 pm
'In the Flesh' bullshit!!  

I'm fucking upset I just want to scream and get sued by my neighbours
Sorry bestie, I half-screamed at you just now

This is what happened when you're having conflicts with your guy
You tend to let your ego takes THE TIME
Yes, the precious time to get Utada's tix
Thinking about it, I am so mad right now
Of course of course he didnt mean it
He really wanted to get 'em for me yada yada
But he took his time
It crushed me.

RIght now I can easily relate our rship problem to his failure of getting Utada's tix
Oh not a nice move but it does make sense anyway

This is soo Deja Vu
I was there but also wasnt there when Vanness Wu performed
I was there but also wasnt there when DBSK came
Now am I supposed to be there but nt really there when Utada performs?!

Now, tell me what should I do on 12th February - damn it, its supposed to be my bday gift
During winter, sex can be great but forget about sex please.
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